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Our Story                                                                                                               About the Ismaili community

AICC has a three-fold focus

(1) Organize conference calls, webinars, and panels to educate AICC members of different businesses and industries. The goal is to expose members to (i) best practices, (ii) new trends, and (iii) new opportunities. The panel discussions take place in key regional locations in partnership with EPB. Examples would be the very successful BOSS events that have been organized previously in places like Atlanta and Tampa. (Our goal is to organize and champion several educational events by the end of the Jubilee year in 2018 and continue the growth.

(2)  Identify deal opportunities in various sectors that (members) can participate in. These range from investments in different real estate segments or franchising space. AICC sets up deal calls to present these opportunities to the members. The idea is to create better access to opportunities with a goal to help them diversify their investment portfolios to manage risks and create wealth.

(3)  Lastly, as we create value for our membership through the first two focus areas, our goal is to establish a strong brand for AICC. This will enable us to attract lucrative investment opportunities for the benefit of our members.

 Over 400 members have participated in these webinars in 2018 alone, and have learned about the basics of venture capital investments in technology, funds and investments in different Real Estate segments like multi-family housing properties, student housing, real estate assets leased out to the government, etc. Through these webinars, participants had the opportunity to educate and equip themselves with enough knowledge to position themselves to evaluate opportunities to invest in. 

You can learn more about upcoming opportunities presented by the Ismaili Chamber of Commerce by visiting us at www.ismailichamber.org and subscribing to our emails

About the Ismaili Community 


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