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2015 Alliance Conference Canada: April 17 and 19



Franchise and Own Your Own Business Show Boston: April 11 and 12


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Highlights from Franchise Expos in Houston and Tampa


Franchise ExpoTwo Cities, Two Franchise Expos Plus Ismaili Chamber Meeting-in-Meeting Events

In early February, 222 Ismaili entrepreneurs and professionals gathered to attend the Franchise Expo South in Houston’s NRG Center. Then towards the end of the month and beginning of March, 140 Ismaili entrepreneurs and professionals attended the Franchise Expo at the Tampa Convention Center. During both events, Ismaili Chamber and EPB Southwest and Florida organized Meeting-in-Meeting exclusive events for Ismailis.

First-Hand Knowledge Sharing

During these Meeting-in-Meeting events, there was a panel discussion in which 4-5 experienced Ismaili franchisees shared knowledge, personal experience, best practices and challenges as they went in to franchising. Industries represented included food service/QSR, early childhood education centers, after school tutoring programs, hotel/motel, telecommunications and others. Some of the panelist had one business location, while others had hundreds. Some had recently entered franchising, while others had 15+ years of experience. All in all, attendees were able to ask questions to the panelist and learn first-hand what it takes to enter and scale in franchising.

Various Brands Represented

Ismaili Chamber also arranged for a number of franchisors to present their respective brands to the Ismaili attendees. The brands represented included Checkers/Rally’s, Red Roof Inn, Caring Senior Services, and Buffalo Wings & Rings. There were group discussions on eight other brands representing multiple industries to encourage diversity. Both events were well received by attendees. All franchise presentations have been posted on Ismaili Chamber’s website under Business Resources accessible to Chamber members.

Future Events Coming Soon

Ismaili Chamber and EPB will be organizing similar Meeting-in-Meeting events during main-stream American Franchise Expos in Dallas, Atlanta and Anaheim. Additionally, Ismaili Chamber will provide free admission passes to numerous other Franchise Expo’s in other cities.

Testimonials From Attendees at the Franchise Expos

“These events allow Ismaili Chamber members to explore, analyze and execute their business investment according to their own business plan. These platforms allow members to hear both sets of visions, franchisor and franchisee, which demands member’s critical thinking to weigh out investment strategies.” -Nasir Panjwani, Houston, TX

“Meeting-in-Meetings was a well-organized session that brought critical pieces of a puzzle to a successful business venture: 1. Business opportunities through successful franchises; 2. Avenues for funding through Credit Unions and SBA; 3. Operators looking for diverse opportunities. Kudos to EPB and Ismaili Chamber for successfully executing this unique event!” – Rozina Mardhani, Tampa, FL

“The combination of the Franchise Expo with an exclusive Ismaili event of presentations by select franchise owners and franchisors hosted by Ismaili Chamber created a powerful platform for networking.   Knowledge exchanged during these presentations and the Q&A set the stage for Ismaili’s to mingle and discuss business interests.” – Meena Husein, Houston, TX

“The attendees were sharp, asked the ‘Right’ questions and many were eager to learn more about how Checker’s and Rally’s can help to diversify their business portfolios.  Members of the Ismaili community are the type of individuals that we at Checker’s and Rally’s or any other franchise organization would feel honored to speak with and have the opportunity to grow the business with them.” - Robert Bhagwandat, Director of Franchise Development, Checkers/Rally’s

2015 MUFC Plus Ismaili Chamber Meetings-in-Meetings: April 8-10 in Las Vegas




In addition to MUFC agenda, Ismaili Chamber will hold “Meeting-in-Meeting” exclusive events for Ismailis:

  • Wednesday, April 8, 6:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
  • Friday, April 10, 10:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
  • During these events, we will invite select franchise brands to present to the Ismaili group directly and collectively discuss other franchise/scaling opportunities
  • Please book travel arrangements accordingly so that you may participate in these exclusive sessions


  • Multi-unit franchisees
  • Area developers/ representatives
  • Franchisors
  • Those looking to invest in franchise projects

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Dallas IPN BootCamp: April 10 – 12


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Los Angeles IPN BootCamp: February 28 – April 4



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