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The American Ismaili Chamber of Commerce (AICC) 

The American Ismaili Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to organizing conference calls, webinars, and panels to educate AICC members of different business opportunities. The goal of these sessions are to expose members to best practices and new trends in a variety of fields. Panel discussions take place in key regional locations in partnership with the Aga Khan Economic Planning Board. AICC has successfully created many events, like our BOSS (Business Opportunities Success Stories) event that was organized in Atlanta, Tampa, Chicago, and Houston, where vendors presented their franchise models in a one-on-one and panel style setting to Chamber members, enabling them to interact directly with the vendors. 

The Chamber identifies lucrative wealth and business opportunities for its members. These cover a broad spectrum of businesses from investments in real estate segments or franchising space. The AICC creates avenues to develop these opportunities to help members diversify their investment portfolios to manage risks and create wealth.

AICC aims to establish a strong brand that creates value for its membership. This will enable us to offer investment opportunities for the economic development of our members.

In response to the global pandemic, AICC was appointed to the COVID-19 task force, in collaborations with Aga Khan Economic Planning Board for the USA.  Educational webinars were created to educate 52,000 unique viewers about the economic changes that the virus created. 

In 2019, we had over 1,000 members participate in webinars and live events. They learned about emerging industry trends in technology and the basics of venture capital investment, as well as how to invest in different areas of real estate such as: multi-family housing, student housing, and how to lease real estate assets to the federal government. Through our webinars we were able to educate our members on the benefits of owning an electric vehicle and how business owners could incorporate an electric vehicle charging station franchise into their business model to diversify their business and generate more foot traffic. In these events, participants had the opportunity to educate and equip themselves with knowledge to position themselves to evaluate opportunities to invest in. 


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