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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is in it for me?

Ismaili Chamber members have the opportunity and resources to create, understand, and pursue business opportunities that can only be sparked by the power of alliance.  The Ismaili Chamber offers access to business deals, networking, knowledge-sharing, and best practices.  Member services assist members in improving their existing businesses and diversifying their overall business portfolios. The emphasis is on providing Members with business opportunities that they would otherwise not be able to access on their own.

Example 1Someone is looking to start an Investment Alliance in Richmond, VA.  As a member, he/she would approach the Ismaili Chamber to gain access to experts who have experience and knowledge on how to set-up an Investment Alliance. The Ismaili Chamber would list this business opportunity online to open it up for members to join the alliance.The Ismaili Chamber would facilitate the creation of this alliance and link like-minded people together. This type of networking and facilitation exists now!

Example 2Someone wants to expand their business to Malaysia.  He/she needs certain types of products to export there. As a member, he/she would approach the Ismaili Chamber to help identify other members who have experience in importing/exporting, product manufacturing/distribution, and raising capital to make this business plan a reality. The Ismaili Chamber would facilitate the creation of this business opportunity by linking experts, capital, and human resources. This type of networking and facilitation exists now!

Example 3Dunkin Donuts is expanding their franchise.  Dunkin Donuts has over 7000 locations in the U.S., but only approximately 30 of those are west of the Mississippi.  They are looking to expand out West. Ismaili Chamber has a member who is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) and has vast experiences with Dunkin Donuts. SME is willing to help other members gain access to new franchise locations. The Ismaili Chamber would link the SME and interested franchise holders together to create a business opportunity.  THIS IS TRUE – it is currently online!

Example 4Someone moves from Atlanta, GA to Houston, TX.  As a member of the Ismaili Chamber, he/she is able to search the Members Directory to find real estate agents, business brokers, insurance agents, plumbers, contractors, and other Ismaili owned/operated businesses that they may utilize for much need services.  The Ismaili Chamber provides a platform for finding businesses and individuals that people can search for when needed and thus promotes business for Ismaili business owners.  The Members Directory and Network Groups are available online now!

When will the Member Services be available? 
The central area where all Ismaili Chamber Member Services are launched is the website: www.IsmailiChamber.org. As part of the online registration process, interested members submit an application for membership. The approval process takes 24—72 hours. Once the membership is confirmed, members can access exclusive content available only to members and take advantage of member services.  Members can access business deals, member directory, network groups, business resources, events, and much more. As membership grows, Ismaili Chamber will continue to expand member services constantly.  All of these Member Services are online today!
What is the difference between the Ismaili Chamber and Trade Associations, Credit Unions, and Ismaili Professionals Network?
The Ismaili Chamber will work in unison with all of these other organizations and programs. Each of these organizations performs wonderfully in addressing the needs of their respective sector (c-stores, retailers, small businesses, young professionals, etc.) The Ismaili Chamber will differ by bringing together ALL of these sectors and many more on a single platform.  The focus of the Ismaili Chamber will not be to produce purchase discounts or providing loans; rather, the Chamber will facilitate the types of opportunities listed in “What is in it for me?” above. The Ismaili Chamber serves as a platform enabling all types of businesses and individuals to network on a single platform to promote business opportunities, business knowledge, business access, business resources, business education, and business connections. The other organizations will continue to exist and pursue their respective mandates and when there is a common area, the Ismaili Chamber will reach out to these organizations to assist in the areas of their expertise and they will reach out to the Chamber when they have needs in areas of business expansion. The Chamber considers this approach to be “complementary”! In fact, the Chamber has the support of these organizations.
How is the Ismaili Chamber organized?

The Ismaili Chamber is a registered Non-Profit U.S. entity.  It is a 501(c)(6), which means the membership dues are not a charitable donations, but is a legitimate business expense which is tax deductible. The Ismaili Chamber’s governing body is a Board of Directors and the daily operations are led by a full-time Executive Director and staff.

Who should join?

Anyone over the age of 18 who has an interest in business or networking.  In particular, the Ismaili Chamber is a great platform for business owners (small to large), entrepreneurs, professionals, service providers, students, and retirees. It is recommended for men and women alike. 

Where is the Ismaili Chamber located?

The Ismaili Chamber is headquartered in Houston, Texas, but caters to the entire U.S. Jamat.

Is the Ismaili Chamber only open to Ismailis?

Yes, the membership is only open to Ismailis. One of Ismaili Chamber’s objectives is to increase business interaction within the Ismaili community.  However, since the Chamber also has the objective to facilitate business deals, the Chamber also works with other organizations, chambers, business contacts, professionals, and industry experts outside the Ismaili community. This allows the chamber to access the best opportunities andinformation within and outside the community. However, the membership is only open to Ismailis.

Is the Ismaili Chamber a National Chamber?

Yes, the Ismaili Chamber serves the entire U.S. Jamat.

Why do I have to pay membership dues?

In order to focus solely on member services and provide the most impactful offerings, the Ismaili Chamber needs to maintain quality services and programs across the nation. This means that the Ismaili Chamber is run by dedicated staff members who ensure member satisfaction. The Ismaili Chamber is a registered Non-Profit and is a professional Chamber of Commerce. The funding to operate this entity is sustained through the collection of membership dues. This Chamber operates much like other chambers. The Chamber is required to file tax returns, be exposed to audits, and report to a Board of Directors.

How can I join the Ismaili Chamber?

Visit www.IsmailiChamber.org, click on “Join Us”, and then follow the simple instructions. Members can pay membership dues online using any major credit card or via PayPal account. The official website is the only portal to join and pay membership dues.

What is the difference between a Business Membership and an Individual Membership?

A Business Membership offers more opportunities for business-to-business (B2B) connections. Business Members have the opportunity to display personal and business information in the Members Directory gaining further business exposure. Individual membership is meant for professionals or individuals who do not own a business. Individual Membership offers opportunities for professional connections, but an Individual Member’s profile is limited to personal information. Thus, Individual Members can not promote a business in the Members Directory.

What is the official website address?



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